D2Law LLP is a client focused law firm. The lawyers at D2Law LLP understand that the legal process can exhausting and stressful, which is why we emphasize providing clients with devoted attention and communication. Your legal situation may be stressful but dealing with your lawyer should not!

As a boutique law firm, our lawyers are highly trained and experienced in the areas of law that they practice.


We provide a wide range of services to businesses and individuals involved in commercial or corporate disputes.

At D2Law LLP, we understand that protecting your interests within a commercial environment requires results oriented lawyers. Whether you are a company charged with the task of enforcing a commercial contract, or a minority shareholder who wishes to bring a derivative action, the lawyers at D2Law LLP are equipped with the experience to provide you with skilled legal support to achieve effective results.

Contact us to discuss your situation and we will tell you how we can be of service.


Our lawyers are experienced in acting for employer and employees litigation.


Whether your business requires drafting or reviewing employment contracts and workplace policies, or you need advice about terminating an employee, we can help. We have acted on behalf of a diverse range of employers – from banks to medical clinics and everything in between. If you are an HR director of if your business does not have an HR department, we can help. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.


If you have been terminated from your employment or you suspect that your employer is planning your termination, you need the advice of an employment lawyer.

Contact us for a free telephone consultation to get an assessment of your legal options before retaining us. We do not believe that every client requires legal representation. If you have been terminated from your employment and you want to know whether you have a case against your employer, give us a call and we would be happy to let you know whether you need our help or whether the employer has met its legal obligations.

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D2Law LLP is the home of Fertility Law Canada, one of the pre-eminent fertility law practices in Canada.

Led by Sara Cohen, adjunct professor at Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto,  we provide skilled, experienced and compassionate legal services to people looking to create or build their family though Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ARTs) or third party reproduction.

When building a family using donor sperm, eggs or embryos, and/or with the help of a surrogate, a fertility lawyer is a critical part of this collaborative team.

At D2Law LLP, we help clients navigate the murky waters of third party reproductive law in Canada by:

  • drafting and negotiating egg, sperm and embryo donor agreements;
  • drafting and negotiating surrogacy agreements;
  • providing legal representation in frozen gamete or embryo “custody” disputes;
  • bringing an application for a declaration of parentage or second parent adoption; and
  • advocating on your behalf.

We also frequentlyc act for fertility clinics, cryobanks, importers and distributors of gametes to provide legal advice and representation with respect to compliance with the Assisted Human Reproduction Act and other relevant legislation.